Toner Recycling

Ink and Toner Recycling Program.


Used ink and toner cartridges that are not disposed of properly pose a threat to our environment. By working together, we can ensure cartridges do not end up in landfills where they take 1,000 years to decompose. Cufis Office Supply is committed to the highest level of environmental responsibility by recycling or reusing 100% of a cartridges components.

Not only do we recycle all of your ink and toner cartridges, regardless of brand, but we will take care of all the shipping arrangements.

  • 1. Contact us for your pre-paid shipping label

  • 2. Securely package your empty cartridges in the original box, a copy paper box, or any other appropriately sized box.

  • 3. Drop the box off at your nearest post-office, or let your postal carrier know you have a box to send out. It's that easy.

Cufis Office Supply and our partners are committed to recycling or reusing 100% of a cartridges components, ultimately limiting the number of cartridges sent to landfills. The toner remanufacturing process emits 60% fewer carbon equivalents than manufacturing a new cartridge. And each remanufactured toner helps save 2 quarts of oil.

For more information regarding our Ink and Toner Recycling Program, or to request your pre-paid shipping label, please Contact Us.

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